On May 14, 1997 I received this CPU from my distributor.
This Advanced Micro Devices or AMD K6-200 CPU was flawed. During normal installation (and I have installed many), this particular CPU cracked. (See upper right corner of CPU) On seven separate occasions AMD assured me that they would replace this CPU. In January 1998 AMD offered to send a new K6-200, only if I would take down this page, after 7 months they expect me to take that offer and lose $250.00? When I purchased this CPU it was the best AMD on the market, when they made this offer it was not. I now use ONLY Intel and am pleased with their product. It's and nothing yet. It looks like they will never do anything about it now, so I will keep this page alive until they do. In the 32 Years that I have been in business AMD is the worst company that I have dealt with. The problem that I have with AMD is that they made a commitment that they did not fulfill. If I tell you I will do something, I do it. I guess that when you get to be a big company, you no longer have to do what you say. In the past 17 years I have had customers that wanted a AMD CPU but after I told them this story they decided to get an Intel instead. I don't even give away any AMD products!

Thank you for reading. Leonard Avilla DBA AviCom